Did you tell your love ,you love them?
 I say it in my heart since he's no longer here.
1431 days ago
When you get married?
I married the only time when i was 30. I divorced at 45. I am not going to be 50 and Im single. I
1452 days ago
I have been divorced now over 5 yrs and it has not been easy but it has been extremely rewarding.
1452 days ago
Has anyone done the HCG diet?
Well I am on day 18 of the VLCD phase 2 and Im down 18.7 #/  It has been extremely simple. Th
1530 days ago
Has anyone done the HCG diet?
Today was my first VLCD ( very low calorie day: 500 cals) It hasnt been too bad so far but its only
1549 days ago
Would you have a boob job?
I did it. I have had 7 pregnancies but only 2 live births. For every pregnancy my breasts
1549 days ago
Has anyone done the HCG diet?
Well, Im on Day 2 of loading. Tomorrow is the 1st day of the VLCD. Im doing sublingual pharmaceutica
1550 days ago
School uniforms or not?
My kids wear uniforms and I am so grateful for them. First  , in the whole realm of things, you
1562 days ago
Has anyone done the HCG diet?
From everything I have read the shots are no different than the sublingual , in as far as results. T
1565 days ago
Win a $200 Simply Delightful Designs blog makeover!
Oh my blog is blah!  Help me PLEASE!!!!
1567 days ago
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