What is your Biggest Challenge?
My household challenge is trying to keep up with all the dust! I can dust and turn around and have
1206 days ago
Spring Fever!
Hi everyone- Just wondering if you all are excited for Spring as much as me.  I'm re
1207 days ago
Want more followers on your blog?
Please come and check out my blog: I will in turn follow you! Th
1353 days ago
Are you sending out Christmas cards this year?
I will be sending Christmas cards this year.  I love receiving cards every year, it's fun
1353 days ago
How old were you when you got married?
I was 26 when I got married.  I thought it was the perfect time and age.  My husband Jef
1467 days ago
Summer fun!
Wondering what everyone does for fun in the summer?  Do you like swimming, bringing the kids
1478 days ago
Looking for friends and followers!
thanks Nan!
1524 days ago
How are you? Where you from?
Hi Nan-I found you in the Blogfrog and follow your blog also.I am from Minnetrista MN and have lived
1543 days ago
What are you doing to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?
I usually get the kids' teachers something from Caribou or something.  Most of them love coffee
1543 days ago
Looking for friends and followers!
Hey everyone-I'm pretty new at this!  I'm looking for friends and followers.  Does anyone
1543 days ago
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