Merry Christmas! (The Real Meaning)
I just wanted to share this video about the true meaning of Christmas, narrated by a child. Let us n
1678 days ago
MyClyns Pen - Review & Giveaway
The MyClyns pen is right up my alley. I'm probably one of the more germaphobic people you'll come ac
1679 days ago
Fresh Organics - Review & Giveaway
When their son Nash developed unexplained allergies, rashes and chronic colds, Jeff and Michele Wilk
1679 days ago
Zutano Newborn Clothing - Review & Giveaway
Zutano is a colorful brand of children's clothing, literally. The company was founded by two artists
1688 days ago
Flower Arranging DVD by Flower Duet - Review & Giveaway
A few years ago, I purchased a flower arranging book from a Southern Living party. I had high hopes
1689 days ago
CP Docks - Review
I hate clutter. So much so that I'd probably pitch half of the contents of my house if given the cha
1690 days ago
Christmas Fun - Getting to Know You
I love Christmas. I still get just as excited about it as when I was a child. I saw this neat post o
1699 days ago
Harvard Sweet Boutique Review/Giveaway
Harvard Sweet Boutique is an online gourmet baking company based in Harvard, Massachusetts. The comp
1699 days ago
Wordless Wednesday: A trip to the park
Last week I went to pay my property taxes, and then we played at the municipal complex park!
1715 days ago
Rudolph's Gift Guide Day 18: Quality Chopsticks Review & Giveaway
Partners Micah and Mikiko started Quality Chopsticks out of pure frustration over not being able to
1715 days ago
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