Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee Waffles
When you think of waffles, I bet you don’t think of dessert. Maybe a waffle cone, perhaps? Whe
360 days ago
Giveaway: Magimix by Robot-Coupe 16 Cup Food Processor Package
Hey y’all! Monday mornings are pretty gross most of the time, so this morning, I thought maybe
368 days ago
Whole Wheat Banana Muffins
Not gonna lie. These Whole Wheat Banana Muffins are a bit of a departure from my normal baking routi
370 days ago
Grilling Season with Target
Did you have a good time yesterday? I hope the day was spent with family and friends, good food and
382 days ago
The Real Kettle Chips Shortbread Bars
If you know me in person, it’s no secret that I have a serious snack addiction. I have a sweet
388 days ago
Team Green No Longer!
When you become pregnant, you learn all sorts of vernacular you might never have been privy to other
415 days ago
A Surprise for Megan: Chile and Sausage Oven Frittata
One of the hardest things about living in New Jersey is the homesickness for Texas. I miss wide open
423 days ago
Green Mountain Fair Trade Island Coconut Coffee Cake
You all know that recently I went home to Texas to be with my dad and family while he underwent open
430 days ago
Keurig K-Cup Ambassador: Barista Prima Coffeehouse
There’s not much my husband likes better than tiramisu. I don’t know what it is… t
435 days ago
A Little News…
You may have noticed things going intermittently quiet around here for a while now. I promise you it
462 days ago
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