zainab said:
hi dear good day how are you doing i guess you are alright and good my name is zainab i saw your profile here on and find interest in you please i will like you to get back to me for more discussion thanks and here is my email id ( (
94 days ago
Shark Teeth in Children
Thank you for sharing your experience... do you remember what it was like to have them extracted?
557 days ago
Shark Teeth in Children
Has anyone's child experienced "Shark Teeth"? (an adult tooth growing in behind a b
557 days ago
Teaching that Police are "good" even though they arrest people and write tickets
My daughter experiences autism and is having a hard time wrapping her mind around the fact that p
557 days ago
How do you handle tattling in your family? Need Creative Ideas
Hi everyone!  How do you handle tattling in your home?  Do you encourage it because
557 days ago
Rose said:
Blog Links: is a free service that lets you add your blog link to multiple blog sites
558 days ago
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592 days ago
Creative Parenting: Halloween Candy Dilemma
I love hearing how you all handle the Halloween candy dilemma. What are your kids dressing as this
645 days ago
First Day of School
How did you commemorate/memorialize the first day of school?
671 days ago
Sensory Bins
Hey everyone!  What are you using in your sensory bins these days.  I am looking for fun,
671 days ago
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