Moving to! Update Feeds
Moving to my new home!  You will be automatically redirected to Lyssa-beth.blogspot.combut I am
1000 days ago
too many ideas...
I want this to be great and exactly what I want.  I'm just figuring out how to do that...
1013 days ago
Hiya Folks.Ok so this very moment, I am battling the biggest and worse headache I've had
1016 days ago
maybe I should call it slacking party?
I've been SLLLAAACCKKKIINNGGSorry about that.I've been putting most of my focus on my photograph
1026 days ago
Guest Post at The Silly Pearl
Hi ladies!  How's your September been?!Has yours been extremely busy like mine?  I b
1032 days ago
Guest Posting at Christina's Adventures
Hi everyone!  Just a heads up...a late heads up but a heads up none the less. I'
1039 days ago
let's share & be friends party
Another week! Thanks for sharing with us.  It's so fun to see what everyone is d
1041 days ago
Super Saturday is coming...
I am beyond excited to be part of my Ward's Super Saturday committee this year.  We h
1044 days ago
Winner of the eCraft is...
We have a winner! Ruthie from Erika Valdez's blog was chosen and has won the eCraft Personal
1048 days ago
Preliminary Winners are up!
Alrighty ladies!  Head on over to Raven's Blog for the Preliminary Winners!She also has poste
1049 days ago
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