Miguel's Missionary Moment
This is not Miguel - Source "We killed it on getting new investigators this week.  E
317 days ago
Dinosaurs and Landlines
Source The other day we fully immersed ourselves into the 21st Century.  We've moved into
320 days ago
Decorating with the Spirit and {MMB}
As a Woman, wife and mother, I have the awesome responsibility of setting the tone for my home.
320 days ago
Craving Community
Source I am at a point in my life where I crave community; a gathering together with my Sisters
322 days ago
Miguel's Missionary Moment
Miguel sent a letter home last week that broke my mama heart.  Some of the things people do, s
324 days ago
My Pen
Source The pen, used like a sword, to thrash demean and conquer. It is a weapon, but it, too
327 days ago
Journals, Oh My!
Remember when I recently blogged on the topic of journals?  I felt, I needed to go there aga
329 days ago
Chillin' on the Porch
I am loving my porch this spring.  The weather is perfect enough to sit outside sipping on
333 days ago
A New Writing Gig
I'm excited to say that I have a new writing gig.  I'm extremely excited about this oppo
335 days ago
Miguel's Missionary Moment
Source "Yo! this is Elder Miguel! Well it was a crazy week!!! Our car went into a ditch!!!
338 days ago
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