When a Pet Dies
    A Symbol of Unconditional Love “For as high as the heavens are ab
538 days ago
Helping Kids Deal with Fear
    Hurricane Sandy The shooting in an Oregon mall yesterday may have scare
594 days ago
Free Christmas
What does ‘free Christmas’ mean to you? Is it a celebration full of gifts for yo
603 days ago
An Attitude of Gratitude
Now that Thanksgiving is over, we don’t have to be thankful. Right? Obviously, not. As
609 days ago
Christian Blogger Blogroll
I'd be honored to be counted among such godly women!
610 days ago
Colorful Leaves Made Simple
Young toddlers barrage us with their favorite question, “Why?” Rebellious te
660 days ago
Guaranteed: Better Attention, Increased Motivation, Improved Memory
Want your child to pay attention without being told? Sound too good to be true? Usually,
671 days ago
It could have been my son.
Nicole, Thanks for taking the time to read my story and to let me know what you learned from it. H
715 days ago
It could have been my son.
Dear May, Thanks for your reply....I'm grateful to know others understand. Did you check out the
715 days ago
It could have been my son.
Thanks for your compassionate response!
718 days ago
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