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Coupon Strategies for 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge

Started by Fabulessly Frugal , author of Fabulessly Frugal: Extreme Couponing Blog: Coupon Classes - Learn how Extreme C 1/12/2012 12:31:24 PM


Tonight Thursday 1/12

8:30 pm MST- 9:30 pm MST

Have you set your 2012 Grocery Budget Goal? We are going to help you reach it.

We will be answering you coupon questions LIVE! 

Feel free to leave a comment now and get the conversation started!

We are also giving away copies of our Coupon Class on DVD to 2 lucky chat participants! 

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Reply by Tamara

1/12/2012 9:38:41 PM


Reply by Mandy

1/12/2012 9:38:43 PM
I have Wal-mart (which I personally hate), Ridley's and Walgreens, and Keslers Market (which is a true home town grocery store.'


Reply by april

1/12/2012 9:38:55 PM

Hi Sophie - congrats on the house!


Reply by Sophie

1/12/2012 9:38:59 PM
I heard we are getting a CVS in the Treasure Valley


Reply by melissa

1/12/2012 9:39:03 PM
Yay it's time


Reply by Kristi

1/12/2012 9:39:09 PM
Us to Sophie, we are qualified in June and I can't wait to buy


Reply by Sheryl

1/12/2012 9:39:15 PM
I hope we get a cvs!

Welcome: Tamara, Dani, Sophie, April, melissa, sheryl, kristi, meagan!

CVS would be wonderful to have in Boise!

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