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Day 2 : Build a Fort!

Started by Jamie , author of hands on : as we grow 11/2/2011 7:01:54 AM

Today we're spending time building a fort and playing in it with our kids.

[Remember to spend at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time doing this today!]

30 Days to Hands on Play : Build a Fort

Please share and discuss what you used to build a fort with your kids, and how they took part in building. As well as how you played in the fort. What did the fort become in your house?

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Reply by Tara

author of In Defense Of Myself 11/3/2011 9:19:03 AM

We kept it simple but the kids really loved it.  Right after bath we took a fitted sheet and put it over the rocking chair in the room...then dad and I used our heads for the other end...the kids (2 years and 10 months) ran in and out singing and laughing the whole time.  THey thought it was soooo funny!


Reply by Amber

11/3/2011 2:47:15 PM

Fort building was so much fun!  We used Daddy's old climbing rope, tied between two trees, and some woolen blankets to pitch the tent...Boo 2 couldn't quite reach to get the blankets over the rope, but chanted, "reach, reach, reach, Mommy, can you help me reach."  


We had a blast crawling in and out, and I loved that she'd run out, then catch me with a big hug.  There was a game of hide and seek, chase the dog, and we even had "lunch (grass) and nap.  Fantastic fun!  

When it came time to put it away Daddy's rope became a wonderful hang and swing.  I left it up for play in the garden today.  


Reply by Bianca

author of magendi 11/4/2011 1:52:42 AM

Spatial awareness anyone?

Little c loved crawling through the fort 'tunnel' that I made using a blanket, chairs, and our tiny couch! Even I got down and crawled around with him. I re-lived my childhood for a bit. (building forts was my FAVORITE thing to do as a small child). :)


Reply by Payal

author of Aaryan's World 11/4/2011 1:55:53 AM

Are you optimsing the use of cushions in your house? You haven't if you have never made a castle/fort out of them!!

The world of possibilities by a four-years old :))


Reply by Pauline

author of Lessons Learnt Journal | 11/9/2011 11:19:38 PM

We're so late with this challenge, but had loads of fun doing it. Here's what our fort looks like and how we played. Thanks for the inspiration. xox Pauline

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