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Gardening for People With Disabilities

Started by The Veggie Lady , author of The Veggie Lady 1/11/2012 8:37:15 PM

It gives me the greatest pleasure when I see the responses from my gardeners with disabilities.  As a horticultural therapist, I run gardening groups for people with disabilities. What may be a simple task for us, like sowing seeds, can be a great accomplishment for people in my groups. The smiles on their faces when they actually get to eat some produce that they've grown themselves (with a bit of help) is definitely PRICELESS! 

Has anyone else tried to do any gardening with kids who have disabilities?

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I really like this discussion post, This year I am doing a community garden. My daughter is so excited about this, she even picked the seeds we will be using to create our garden. She is so excited and inspired. Two things that are so important with a child with special needs. Thank you for your story. Check out my story on my blog. I would love your feed back.

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