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Tourist Post--Help Me Out!

Started by Jamie , author of Mommy's Camera 1/3/2011 10:33:39 PM

So I have volunteered to represent Minnesota in a new up and coming fun blog (still very much in the works so it's not really public yet).  I need a little help though because I want things completely UNIQUE to Minnesota.  Here's some questions I have to answer: 

1)  What's the most awesome thing about your area?

2)  If I were visiting, where should I go first to eat and what should I order?  I have decided to use Matt's Bar for this one.  It's the true birth place of the Jucy Lucy hamburger and has been featured on the Food Network.  It's also kinda a hole in the wall that most people don't really know about. 

3)  What should I see there?

4)  What should I do?  Of course, a visit to the MOA is a MUST!  Anything else?

5)  What are the people like there?  You've heard of "Minnesota nice" right?

6)  What souvenir should I buy?

7)  What's the best time of year to visit and why?

8)  Anything else I should know about your location?

So I need help coming up with things that you can't see or do anywhere else other than in MN.  The only slight hang up is that things need to be located within an hour of the Twin Cities.

I appreciate any and all help!

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Reply by Hopeful

1/19/2011 12:54:13 PM

All the things really neat about Minnesota are more than an hour from the twin cities. Brainard, Duluth, All the "up north" stuff is what I think is different about Minnesota. The Twin Cities area is probably like a lot of other cities. 

Some local things, MOA, Valley Fair, Minnesota Zoo, Como Zoo, Minneapolis Lakes.  I would recommend eating at Cosetta's in St. Paul great italian food. 

Any time of year is fun to visit Minnesota, but I would say for different reasons Winter or Summer would probably be the best. 

Winter-St. Paul Winter Carnival, ice fishing, sking, etc.

Summer- Just really nice weather:)


Reply by Jamie

author of Mommy's Camera 1/20/2011 8:21:29 PM
I'm thinking I would have to agree about all the unique stuff being up north. I may have to ask about expanding the radius a bit!


Reply by Michelle

1/21/2011 6:32:58 AM

I'm originally from Minnesota and I've lived in Britain for the past 21 years, so I've become a tourist in my own state! When we go to MN we spend about half the time in the Cities and half the time in the Northwoods because we find both have equally interesting, but very different things to offer.

The things we enjoy in the Cities have included The Renaissance Festival, the Uptown Art Fair (or whatever its called!), Porkys, the Mall of America, Famous Daves, and a few individual streets and shops across Mpls and St Paul.

The things we enjoy in the Northwoods are canoeing down the Mississippi from Lake Bemidji, visiting Itasca State Park, and Camping at Bemidji State Park. And over at Duluth we enjoyed the harbour museum, driving and hiking along the North Shore (especially Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse).


Reply by Franticmommy

author of Home - Franticmommy 3/6/2011 7:50:25 AM

Hi there! I am a Brainerd resident (all my life) if you need some ideas and tips about "Up North" stuff, shoot me an email at

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