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Lets talk about injury prevention!

Started by Sapna 9/23/2010 10:55:13 AM

I have recently become so fascinated with this culture of "Mommy Blogs."  I think its wonderful how everyone apart of this online community is able to exchange antecdotes in child rearing, fun giveaways, and the everyday experiences that you all go through having the toughest job in the world.

My name is Sapna and I am the community manager for Safe Kids USA's online community, Safe Kids and You. Safe Kids and You, is an online community where parents can connect with one another to discuss prenventing injuires to kids and become informed on how to protect kids in their everyday settings.

We are hoping to have informative discussions and provide tips and advice for one another on how to prevent unintentional injuries to kids.

Join today and lets start educating ourselves on how to prevent the number one cause of death to children in the U.S.

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