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If You Weren't Blogging Right Now, What Would You Be Doing?

Started by The Lady Bloggers Society , author of The Lady Bloggers Society — 9/19/2011 10:54:51 PM

I thought this would be a fun little post to write and see what other bloggers responses are. If you weren't blogging right now, what would you be doing? 

You can write about what you would be doing this very second (for me, probably laundry or going to the gym, which is definitely what I should be doing!) or what you would be doing in general (for me, if I wasn't blogging I'd spend my days in a 9-5 job, knowing that all I want to do is just write!)

So, what would you be doing?

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I would be reading. I love to read, but I do less of it now that I blog.


Reply by Stacey

author of Havoc and Mayhem 9/20/2011 8:23:58 AM
Crocheting, or possibly cleaning. It is morning so I suppose cleaning, though reading is a distinct possibility. Maybe even baking some banana bread


Reply by Dori

author of Live Confidently 9/20/2011 1:38:24 PM

Well, what I should be doing right now is studying for a topic I'm speaking on this Thursday at our local MOMS group.  I promised myself I would spend this afternoon doing that, and eh hmm, here I am.



P.S.  If I wasn't writing and speaking I would probably still be working in the banking industry.  So glad--overjoyed--completely thankful--that God had a different plan for my life!


Reply by Sonia

author of 9/20/2011 1:39:55 PM
I would running my own Travel Agency.


Reply by Lori Seaborg

author of Freely Educate 9/20/2011 1:45:06 PM

Creating, as in crafting something or other for sale.  It's what I did before blogging. 

Cooking. I've got to get dinner together and there's a new recipe I really want to try out. 


Reply by Heidi Villa

author of Adventures of a Juggling Artist 9/20/2011 5:33:01 PM
Avoiding house chores... just kidding. Likely reading, watching a movie or making something.


Reply by Gina

author of Moneywise Moms 9/20/2011 7:14:47 PM
I always prefer blogging to house chores. I think my whole family knows that by now...


Reply by Keska

9/20/2011 8:33:21 PM

Working a regular 9-5 and not being able to have started my business which allows me to offer tips and more via my blog. 

I would be lost without the blogosphere.

I'd be doing laundry, school work, or reading.  Or the mile-long 'to-do' list I have....

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