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A VOTE is all she needs - Charity for a worthy woman...

Started by RedheadRiter , author of The Redhead Riter - Witty, Intelligent & Addictive 5/20/2012 8:16:16 PM

Do you want to help a woman open her business in a new location after many personal struggles?

Please Vote for this woman so that she can get a grant.

This is how you do it....

Go to


Log in with your FACEBOOK

Enter this information in the 3 boxes....

Business: Cool Kidz Cuts

State: California

City: Chico

Now click SEARCH

Click VOTE

That's it. I'll let you know if she gets it!!!!  Vote and pray for her!!!


Paste this in your FB and Twitter:

Want to feel good? Please help this lady. Directions here. It will take you LESS than 1 MINUTE! PLEASE ?

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My directions are very clear, but if you need help, just contact me!!!! 

Everyone I'm counting on you to help her!

I think you can only vote once!!!

This is a time you can put all your good words and well wishes into into actions that can really help!!!

Thank  you, Redhead Riter, for starting this discussion!  I voted and you can only vote once. smiley

I really want us to make this happen for her!!!

It would be phenomenal if we in The Redhead Riter Community can support this woman and help her get this business grant!

Please everyone we need your votes!  If you have any problems voting for her just let us know here and we will help you! smiley

I already put it on my Facebook page and I Twittered it!  You can see it on my Facebook and Twitter page! smiley

Come on!  Have you voted yet?  She NEEDS 250 votes to qualify for the business grant!  WE CAN DO IT Redhead Riter Members all we need is for you to vote!  YOUR VOTE COUNTS! smiley

I voted for her

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