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BlogFrog Holiday Challenge to Support The Children's Hospital

Started by Holly , author of Love and Math | Love, math and everything in between. 12/10/2009 12:40:25 PM

BlogFrog would like to inspire you to "Give the Gift of Community" to your readers and to The Children's Hospital!  For every community that adds 20 new participants (someone who starts a discussion or replies to a discussion) between now and the end of the year, BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital.  Also, all qualifying community owners will automatically be entered to win a $100 Target gift card.

Here's how to participate:
  1. Install a BlogFrog community on your site (if you already have one, you are one step ahead!).
  2. Make sure the widget is high enough to be easily seen by your visitors.
  3. Announce your community to your readers in a post and tell them about the "Give the Gift of Community" challenge.  For every community that adds 20 new participants (someone who has not participated in your community before and starts a discussion or replies to one) before the end of the year, BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital (up to $400)!
  4. Spread the word about your new community by sharing discussions on Twitter and include the #blogfrog hashtag so other BlogFrog members can join and re-tweet.
  5. Every community that adds at least 20 new participants during the campaign will be promoted in our next newsletter and on our website as "Blogs that gave the gift of Community".
  6. No need to count new participants - we'll keep track of that!
For those that want a little help figuring out what to write, here's an example of a post you could include:

"Come interact with other readers of this blog and help The Children's Hospital at the same time!  BlogFrog is sponsoring the "Give the Gift of Community" challenge to its members to inspire blog readers to connect with their peers in communities this holiday season.  If this blog gets 20 new participants to start or reply to a community discussion, BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital, one of the top 10 hospitals in the country for kids and teens. Don't be shy, hop on over to my community (include a link) and meet your fellow readers!  Happy Holidays! "

That's all you have to do.  We'll keep track of new participants and will be posting about progress in this community and on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's some code to include a button like this in your post:

<a href="">

<img src="" 
alt="BlogFrog holiday challenge" /> </a>

Please post your questions and encouragement here!

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Reply by Jamie

author of Mommy's Camera 12/10/2009 1:28:26 PM
I'm all over this one!  Give me some time to get my blog post up since hubby needs me to help him this afternoon but I'm definitely all over this one!

Thanks Jamie!
We have a button coming shortly as well, so it's actually good that the post won't be up for a bit.  Stay tuned (we're sending an email out as well!)


Reply by Brandie

author of Rudy Family Rukus 12/10/2009 2:10:16 PM
OH cool I will wait for the button as well.  Very excited trying to get my community going!  Great incentive.  Thanks Holly.


Reply by Kimberly

author of Raising Olives 12/10/2009 2:14:04 PM
What a great idea! Thanks again, BlogFrog!


Reply by The Happy Housewife

author of The Happy Housewife 12/10/2009 2:18:11 PM
Awesome idea!


Reply by Maopa

author of Luscious Deals 12/10/2009 4:06:40 PM
wow..what a great idea..I'm in also! 


Reply by Meg

author of Do Good 12/10/2009 4:34:31 PM
Great idea!  Does the Children's Hospital Foundation have a website?  Would love to have a link to it on my website  . . .


Hi Meg and everyone,
I meant to include the link to Children's, here it is!
They are a pretty remarkable organization...

Getting mine going, what should I put the link to? My community gadget?



I am POSTED and READY!!!!

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